How Much Does a Co-Signer Help on Auto Loans?

How Much Does a Co-Signer Help on Auto Loans?

An auto loan can be facilitated more effortlessly by having a co-signer to back up your loan request. Finding a co-signer can open doors for a lot of benefits when trying to get an auto loan which makes them quite a helpful resource. They are especially helpful for people who have poor credit history or very limited credit history. However, very little is known about how exactly these individuals can be helpful. In this article we learn that and much more about co-signers.


Who Is A Co-Signer

A co-signer to an auto loan is an individual who applies for the loan alongside the primary borrower of that loan. It can be anyone who is ready to bear equal responsibility for the loan repayment as the primary borrower himself. The borrower can approach anyone they know who is willing to take on this responsibility for them, as it can be quite damaging to their financial standing as well.

Finding a co-signer can help in making the terms of the loan agreement more favorable as well as increasing the chances of acquiring the loan for the primary borrower. Those that suspect that they might not be able to secure an auto loan by themselves, or may get very unfavorable proposals can seek a co-signer to help improve the deal.

When a person agrees to be a co-signer for a loan, they need to be present when the borrower is applying for the auto loan. By applying for the loan with the borrower, they allow the lenders to check their own credit history as well in order to assess their suitability.

When choosing to become the co-signer, the individual must also consider the following factors.

  • If the primary borrower starts defaulting on the loan, then the lender will approach you to recover the loan amount. This would include paying off all the missed payments and penalties.
  • If the borrower fails to pay the loan, your own credit history will also suffer alongside theirs. As the co-signer, you will be equally responsible, and suffer similar adverse impacts of the default.
  • In case a lender goes on to file a suit against the borrower, they can also pull you into it and file a suit against you as well for failure to repay the loan. This can impact your overall background which may cause several issues later on.
  • When you agree to be a co-signer for anyone, you must also understand if the primary borrower’s failure to repay will affect your relationship with them. This is because their default can cause you more than just monetary losses.


How To Find A Co-Signer

When choosing a co-signer for an auto loan, it is essential to make an informed choice based on some critical qualifying factors. Although a co-signer can be any individual of your choice, they must be suitable to help your purpose. As such, when finding a co-signer for your auto loan, look for a person who fulfills the following criteria.


Good Credit History

The main purpose of having a co-signer is to strengthen your loan application. The main element which loan lending companies pay attention to is the borrower’s credit history. As such, for a borrower who does not have ample credit history, or has a poor one, it is essential to have a co-signer who has a good credit record.


Ability To Repay Debt

A co-signer needs to be someone who is financially stable and can repay the debt in case you are unable to do so. An individual who is unable to or unwilling to do so will not be suitable to become a co-signer for an auto loan.


Work History

One of the factors which impacts a person’s credit history is their work history. A person who has recently started working will have limited credit history, and as such, are not a suitable co-signer for the auto loan. 


How Does A Co-Signer Helps

A co-signer for an auto loan can help in many ways, which makes them a useful resource to rely on. When a borrower is having a tough time securing a good loan deal, a co-signer can come as a savior. Some of the ways in which a co-signer can help you in your auto loan include the following.


Loan Approval

One of the biggest challenges that an auto loan borrower faces is getting the loan approved by a lending company if they do not meet the loan approval criteria. While a lot of parameters are judged to assess the creditworthiness of a borrower, their credit history and financial stability play the key role in this regard.

For individuals who fail to meet these parameters, a co-signer becomes a critical asset because their credit history can be evaluated for the loan’s approval. A co-signer, who has a good credit score can help in getting the loan approved by taking on the responsibility of the debt in equal measure to the principal borrower. Lenders get assured that in case of default by the borrower, they can find resolution through the co-signer.


Better Loan Terms

Another major challenge which lenders are faced with is the inability to get good loan terms for the auto loan. This typically means that the rate of interest being offered to them is usually very high, which can significantly increase the overall payment that they need to make. Higher interest also means that the monthly payments will either be too high or the loan term will be very long.

To avoid being stuck with awful loan terms, you can find a co-signer. An individual with a good credit score can help you get better interest rates which translate into smaller and more achievable monthly payments and a shorter loan term. This means that your overall payments can be significantly less with a co-signer.



Co-signers for an auto loan are very helpful for borrowers with bad credit history or limited credit history. If you find a person who is willing to take on the responsibility, it can help your application considerably. As such, it is essential to choose the co-signer wisely by assessing your options.