Difference Between Home Loan and Mortgage Loan

Difference Between Home Loan and Mortgage Loan

The terms ‘home loans’ and ‘mortgage loans’ are often used interchangeably. But, the fact of the matter remains that they are different and have distinct characteristics and purposes. If you want to make informed financial decisions, it is essential to know the difference between these two loans. So, join us, as we explore the key contrasts between home loans and mortgage loans and get a comprehensive overview of their uses, terms, eligibility, and more.


What is a Home Loan?

Before delving into the differences between home loans and mortgage loans, let us first understand their basics.

Simply put, a home loan is a type of financial agreement wherein a lender offers you (an individual or a couple) funds to purchase a residential property.

You have to repay the borrowed amount over a specified period, usually in monthly installments, along with an agreed-upon interest rate.


The Top 8 Benefits of Home Loans

The main benefits of a home loan are –

  • Tax Benefits

Borrowers of home loans get tax savings on both principle and interest. It is possible to claim deductions on the principal and interest compounds, and thereby reduce the overall tax liability.

  • Affordable Repayments

The second benefit of a home loan is that you have the scope to repay your principal amount and interest over an extended period. This reduces financial stress and burden and provides peace of mind.

  • You Have a Home

A home enables you to become a homeowner, which is an absolute blessing in today’s day and age. Very few people have a place that they can call their own. Besides, a residential property is an invaluable asset that benefits generations to come.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

The fourth reason that makes home loans special is that lenders usually offer an array of repayment options.  You can choose between fixed and floating interest rates or opt for flexible repayment schedules based on your financial capabilities.

  • Real Estate Investment

Purchasing a home through a home loan is a variant of real-estate investment. In due course of time, the property’s value will increase and provide you (the homeowner) with amazing financial gains.

  • Equity Building

Monthly mortgage payments increase equity in properties. Equity can be used for future financial requirements, such as home renovations, funding education expenses, etc.

  • Improvement in Credit Score

Timely repayment of home loan installments is a sure-shot way to bolster the credit score. A good credit report opens up a Pandora’s Box of opportunities to obtain credit in the future at favorable terms.

  • Inflation Hedge

Last but not least, real estate is usually deemed a hedge against inflation. As the value of the property increases over time, it can safeguard the homeowner’s investment against the eroding effects of inflation.


What Are Mortgage Loans

In layperson’s language, a mortgage loan can be defined as a property loan or a loan against property. It is a versatile financial tool devised to cater to the specific needs of individual borrowers. A mortgage loan has multiple purposes.

It can be leveraged to finance the purchase of a home, fund higher education, pay surmounting hospital bills, and more.


The Top 7 Benefits of Mortgage Loans

  • Minimum Interest Rates

A mortgage loan is financed against your property. Thus, the interest rates are bound to be minimal as compared to other types of loans, including unsecured home loans.

  • Easy Accessibility

Mortgage loans are secured and hence financial institutions, like banks, are ready and willing to approve them. Thus, the borrower does not have to wait for prolonged periods to get a mortgage loan.

  • Minimal to Zero Prepayment Charges

The third benefit of mortgage loans is the minimal prepayment charge. As the loan is secured, lenders will not charge you any prepayment money.

  • Extended Tenure

Mortgage loans usually have a long repayment tenure, which may extend up to 15 years. However, the maximum tenure for a personal loan is usually about 7 years. So, the difference is quite high.

  • Affordable Installments

The penultimate benefit of a mortgage loan is the minimum installment rate. It is quite easy to get a mortgage loan with affordable installments. But, of course, the repayment tenure will be long in such a situation. However, it is ideal to take a loan, irrespective of its type, for the minimum tenure as the burden of interest is reduced. So, you save a lot of money in the long run.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

Last but not least, mortgage loans are associated with flexible repayments. You can devise your customized repayment plan. And, the best part is that the money can be used for anything and everything.


Key Differences Between a Home Loan and a Mortgage Loan

Now that we know the basics of a home loan and a mortgage loan, let us wrap up the article by checking out their key differences.

  • Purpose

A home is specifically designed and intended to help individuals and families acquire and construct a residential property. The money approved under a home loan can only be used for specific purposes related to the building or a house, such as buying the land, permanent improvements, construction expenses, etc. Lenders usually need documentation enlisting the intended use of the funds, such as purchase contracts or construction plans.

On the other hand, a mortgage loan can be used for varied purposes, such as debt consolidation, holidays, medical expenses, funding higher education, travel, recreational purposes, and more.

  • Interest Rates

Home loans, especially the ones that consider the use of the property as collateral, usually have more competitive interest rates. On the other hand, mortgage loans are used for diverse purposes, which might carry a higher risk profile based on the specific use. Thus, they might have a higher interest rate than home loans.

  • Tenure

The repayment tenure of home loans usually ranges from 5 to 15 years. On the other hand, the repayment timeline of mortgage loans is between 5 to 15 years.



So, there we have it, the three key differences between home loans and mortgage loans. Both these loans are excellent financing options and come with their pros and cons.